Sunday, October 24, 2010

Support the Hockey Dad for Minnesota Governor!

Tom Emmer is a "hockey dad" running for Governor of Minnesota and has served in the state legislature since 2004. Emmer has developed a budget plan that includes cutting business and property taxes, reforming state regulatory agencies to ensure efficiency, and reforming the relationship between state and local governments. Emmer strongly supports streamlining regulations to help farmers and small businesses.

The father of seven has a very strong "less government, less regulation" mentality. As the Star Tribune reports:

In his quest to be Minnesota's next governor, Emmer often frames government as an invasive species that must be beaten back, and he espouses a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps approach that threads through much of his life. He believes it resonates with the voters he meets.

"There's an awakening going on," Emmer said. "There are more people today interested in taking ownership of their life, of their freedom. I think that's an exciting thing, and why I think we should be optimistic."

Emmer is focusing his campaign on " Honoring the Constitution, Expanding Liberty and Fostering Economic Freedom." Recent polling shows him statistically even with his Democratic opponent, so please support Emmer in any way you can! You can volunteer for his campaign here or donating here.

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