Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet Morgan Philpot for Utah's 2nd District!

Meet Morgan Philpot, one of the latest candidates endorsed by Governor Palin. He is running for the House in Utah's second district. Philpot is a former representative in the Utah state legislature where he sponsored legislation for school vouchers for families with children with special needs. This program now serves over 500 individuals. Following his time in the state legislature, he went to law school, and now works as a lawyer for a private sector company.

Philpot supports extending the Bush tax cuts, reducing the corporate tax rate, ratifying free trade agreements, and reducing government's role in business to help put people back to work . He supports repeal of Obamacare and both earmark and entitlement reform to help restore fiscal common sense in Washington.

Philpot is running against Democratic incumbent, Jim Matheson, who currently has a 10 point lead on Philpot. Philpot characterizes the second Congressional seat as an "empty seat", as Matheson has been in Congress ten years, but has accomplished little for citizens of the Beehive state:

You can help support Philpot's campaign by donating or volunteering. To help support Philpot and other Palin endorsed candidates, go to Organize4palin.

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  1. already sent my ballot in---Go Morgan Philpot!!!