Monday, October 4, 2010

Bristol Palin is Her Mother's Daughter

I didn't think my thoughts would fit where I normally do pro-Palin blogging, nor do I usually write about the non-political aspect of political families' lives, so I thought I'd simply share them here.

Following Bristol Palin's and Mark Ballas' dance on Dancing with the Stars tonight, Bristol returned to one of the hosts who asked her a question to the effect of "why are you more comfortable speaking (referring to her pro-abstinence advocacy) than acting on the dance floor?"

Bristol replied, perhaps holding back a few tears, that when she speaks, she speaks from her heart. "Acting", she said, was hard for her. Bristol did a great job with her dance, but the judges were looking for a little more "acting" in her performance.

Much like her mom, Bristol speaks from her heart, and "acting" is not something that comes readily to her. Governor Palin, when not constrained by "headquarters", is able to speak her heart, and when not constrained by the threat of frivolous ethics complaints, is able to speak her mind. She is comfortable with this. "Acting", which is essentially what the McCain campaign operatives wanted her to do, was not something that came readily to her. Reading and acting from a campaign script was stifling her from being herself--as a person and as a politician.When the McCain camp said she was "going rogue", she was simply campaigning as herself, not as the "actress" the campaign wanted her to be.

This the Palin family.They are real. The title of Governor Palin's newest book, America by Heart, is a manifestation of who she is and who her family is.


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  2. egads! My post... what happened?!

    You are my hero Whit! This is pure awesomeness!!

  3. Good observation and parallel, Whitney. I thought Bristol's dancing was fine last night, but the story line needed to be fleshed out better (not her fault). The judges seemed to transfer their dislike of the story-line execution to her actual dancing performance.

    On another topic, we need to get Sarah Palin and Albert Pujols together to do a fund-raiser for the Pujols Foundation in St. Louis. Wonder if they had a chance to talk or even meet at the "Restoring Honor" rally in D.C.? Down Syndrome would be the beneficiary of such a get-together.

    --Keith Pickett (aka wilsonpickett)

  4. Whitney, your perceptions and observations are glorious, becoming of one much older than you; speaks volumes for your character and upbringing, I venture to say very proud parents you must have.

    I saw and heard much like you, "Bristol is her Mother's Daughter". Bristol is dancing into the hearts of America just like her Mother of 2008 with her VP speech. Honesty and goodness of heart with every word and action.

    Bless You,
    See you soon

  5. Excellent point Whitney. Authenticity is one of the Palin families most admirable and defining characteristic.

  6. You are correct that the judges want an actress, but Bristol and her Mom just are too genuine, down to earth.

    One thing I do not like about DWTS is how they push that way to 'act'. Your dancing should be YOU, not a phony.

    As a man on the dancefloor in the past, the last thing I wanted to do to a lady was put any pressure on her to be anything other than herself. As a result, I could find the dance that played to HER strengths.

    Mark tries to make Bristol what she is not because he is under pressure from the management to do it that way.

  7. Right on target, Whitney...I loved it when Bristol referred to her speeches as "my testimony"!