Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nunnelee for Mississippi!

Alan Nunnelee is running for Congress in Mississippi's 1st Congressional District who desires to bring conservative values to Washington D.C.:
I believe that the strength of America lies in its people, neighborhoods, churches and communities, not in the Federal Government. I want to take Mississippi values to Washington because I believe our leaders can learn something from the good people of Mississippi. I am proud of Mississippi and I will be the same person in Washington as I am here at home – Conservative, pro-life, pro-family, fiscally responsible and a defender of the Second Amendment.

As a Mississippi state Senator Nunnelee has been a reformer on taxes, tort, and Medicaid. He has been a strong defender of the unborn, veterans, and those with physical disabilities. Nunnelee believes that the role of the public sector is to allow the private sector to thrive through limited government and lower taxes. He is a strong proponent of energy independence and is opposed to earmarks.

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