Sunday, October 10, 2010

NY-25 Ann Marie Buerkle in the Lead!

Meet NY-25 Congressional candidate, Ann Marie Buerkle:

A recent poll performed by Republican pollsters, McLaughlin and associates, shows that Ann Marie Buerkle is up 40-39 over incumbent Democratic Congressman, Dan Maffei:
Between the generic ballot, the head-to-head ballot and the choice model, the results are clear – the voters want to elect Republican Ann Marie Buerkle. With adequate resources, the Buerkle campaign can will continue on their current trajectory and defeat Maffei in November.
Ann Marie Buerkle’s media and message are clearly working. As she continues to be on the radio, television and mail, Buerkle’s ballot share will continue to increase and she will defeat Maffei.

Buerkle is a nurse and a health care attorney. She is a strong proponent for lower taxes and smaller government. She wholeheartedly supports a repeal of the health care reform bill that was passed earlier this year. She is a strong advocate for reducing regulations on small businesses that will allow them to invest, hire employees, and grow. She believes that terrorists must be treated as enemy combatants and is a strong supporter of troops who fight to support our freedoms. She is against cap and trade, and she supports tax credits for families who may choose to send their children to private school or home school. For more on Buerkle's stance on the issues, see here.

The pollsters suggest that is Buerkle has adequate resources, she can take the Congressional seat from the Democratic incumbent. If you can support her campaign, please go here.

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