Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adam Kinzinger Featured at Conservatives4Congress

Adam Kinzinger, candidate for the 11th District seat in Illinois, has been featured on Conservatives4Congress on several occasions.

Adam Kinzinger Receives the Endorsement of the Sun Times:

Adam Kinzinger is a mere 32 -- pretty darn young to be going off to Congress -- but he has compiled an impressive record of achievement in his last dozen years. His conservative politics are appropriate in the 11th District, which stretches from Joliet to Bloomington, and his solid work ethic and sensible ways could take him a long way in Washington. He's a compassionate young man who will let reason and a humanitarian impulse drive his decisions.


We asked Kinzinger what he learned in Iraq. Off the cuff, he said this:

"I saw what it's like to live in an area that's just learning about freedom. . . . I appreciated what America represents. . . . We've got it pretty darn good."

Not bad for age 32.

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Recovery 50: The Midwest Dozen:
Air Force Captain and McClean County board member Adam Kinzinger, an Iraq War veteran is on a mission to fire freshman Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson. He has received high-profile endorsements from Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney in this conservative-leaning district (R+1). He was even endorsed by the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. Nate Silver gives this seat an 85% chance of takeover.

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The Illinois GOP Is Focused on Three Key Races
As a small business owner, Greg Hopkins is frustrated by the nation’s sour economy and torn on how to vote in November.

Two years ago, he was among the voters who helped Democrat Debbie Halvorson win a seat in Congress from a traditionally Republican district southwest of Chicago. But Hopkins is unhappy with the results, particularly watching banks get a bailout while he struggled to find financing for his business.

“People are looking for a change that has been promised that didn’t come,” he said at his New Lenox store, A Cozy Fireplace.

Now Hopkins is thinking about voting for Halvorson’s challenger, a little-known Air Force pilot who has Sarah Palin’s endorsement.


"“People are pretty frustrated in this district,” said Glenn Nixon, 40, a police officer who lives in Bourbonnais and is involved in the tea party movement. “Adam is sincere in his drive to serve America. He’s not going to kowtow. He’s going to make the hard decisions.”

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Two of Kinzinger's ads were featured
: " Government Spends Too Much" and " Shame on You Debbie Halvorson"

Illinois Congressional Candidate Gets Portrayed as Hitler:
Kinzinger is running against Democratic incumbent Congresswoman, Debbie Halvorson. Halvorson has voted lock-step with Speaker Pelosi despite the fact that she ran as an "independent" thinker when elected in 2008. Although more than a month old, the most recent polling data show that Kinzinger has an eleven point lead over Halvorson.


"Apparently, when some are trailing in a tough campaign, they feel the need to resort to extreme, horrific, and completely uncalled for measures, such as depicting your opponent and other conservatives such as Governor Palin and Glenn Beck as Nazis and chanting out, "outsource Adam, not our jobs". The Left proves its again as possessing no scruples."

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