Monday, August 26, 2013

5 Videos to "Promote" Obamacare

The Obama administration is touting a youth  video contest to promote Obamacare.  I'm not considered a youth anymore, but I'm on the "old" end of the Milennial generation. I figure that means I can make a submission or two to "promote" Obamacare. Close enough, right? Heck, if Karl Rove can do it, so can I. The only problem is--I cannot decide which part of Obamacare to "promote".  I have five ideas:

1. The more people find out about Obamacare, the more they dislike it. It's almost as if the Obama administration is trying to make fetch happen:


 2. Despite the Obama administration's claims, insurance premiums are going up in many states--including higher premiums for young people. It's kind of like an expensive financial trampoline for your budget!:

 3. Those fun death panels that youth will eventually have to face (if Medicare is not bankrupt by then). It is kind of like the your very own board of Count Rugens and his "machine":


 4. Hey,with the Obamacare navigators, you are at risk for identity theft, which of course, is all kinds of fun:


 5. Finally, you might, just might get to keep your doctor:

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Friday, August 9, 2013

President Obama Unveils New Apple iPAB at Press Conference

In a Friday afternoon press conference, President Obama unveiled the new Apple iPAB--a device with the ability to ration healthcare for Medicare patients.

"Older Americans are using technology more and more frequently", the President said, " this new new device will allow for healthcare to be more efficient by allowing patients to know whether or not they will be able to receive treatment before they even leave the house".

Some major components of his healthcare plan have or potential will be delayed, including business mandates and some information technology based aspects of the law. However, other parts of the law he has chosen to implement more quickly. The new Apple iPAB was introduced through a new executive order from the President.

With this executive order, rather than appointing member to the Independent Payment Advisory Board to be confirmed by the Senate, the President has ordered that this board be replaced by Siri.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stated in a press release that seniors will simply have to ask Siri, "will Medicare cover my blood pressure medication?". Using already collected personal data from the NSA and IRS, Siri will be able to quickly determine whether or not a patient will be rationed whatever particular medication or procedure they have queried. This is will save patients the hassle of having to go the doctor, which, subsequently will help reduce carbon emissions from travel.

Vice President Joe Biden has been tasked with Beta testing the new iPAB and has run into some minor issues after he shot the iPAB with a shotgun after he consistently mistyped his passcode. " God love, Siri. You know what they say, 'an apple a day--an iPAB-- keeps the doctor away'. Barack and I want to make sure that's true".

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has denounced the iPAB as a digital death panel that continues to give too much power to the federal government and rations care.

Note: This is simply satire. Please read it as such.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Real Warnings and Revelations on Obama's "Phony" Scandal

On Thursday, CNN reported that nearly three dozen CIA agents were on the ground during the attacks at the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012. Additionally, the Obama administration is subjecting many of these individuals to very frequent polygraph tests (and changing Benghazi survivors' names). These revelations beg two questions. One--why is the Obama administration subjecting agents to what Jake Tapper's source is calling an "unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency's Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out" if this is simply a phony scandal? Of course, that is a rhetorical question. Second--why were so many CIA agents in Benghazi at the time?

On Thursday night, Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf indicated that the CIA was moving guns in Benghazi, per Breitbart News:
 “We’re getting calls from people who are close to people who were [in Benghazi at the time] that they were moving guns. So where are the guns?” asked Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), a sub-committee chairman of the Appropriations Committee. Wolf also wonders what Ambassador Chris Stevens was actually doing in Benghazi on that night. Stevens and three others were killed over the course of the attacks. 
“Are they in a warehouse somewhere? Some people say they moved on to Turkey and then from Turkey to Syria," Wolf told Breitbart News on Thursday. "Did they fall into the hands of some of the Jihadis?" 
"Nobody knows, so I think there are so many questions from the failure to respond to where the guns went,” he stated. 
Wolf is currently attempting to create a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attack by launching a discharge petition from committee. He needs 218 signatures to take the issue to a vote on the floor.
In January, Senator Rand Paul asked then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if guns were being run to Turkey from Libya, which she did not answer, but deferred to the CIA (see the 2:17 mark):


 About that same time, the CIA denied that guns were being run from Libya through Turkey to Syria.

To look at this more completely, we must take a step back. It was an absolute failure of security to not have more protection at a consulate in an Islamist country on a date with such significance as September 11th, especially with the threats and violence that had already occurred in Libya in the previous months. Remember too that in August 2011, Gaddafi was overthrown. A dictator was defeated, and a country in a volatile region of the world was even more unstable. When that happened, Governor Palin warned (emphasis added):
Finally, we must make sure that terrorist groups don’t try to co-opt the revolution, as Al Qaeda is trying to do in Syria. We should continue to use our intelligence assets to monitor the situation in Libya to ensure that potentially dangerous weapons are secured, and that terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda don’t gain a foothold in Libya.
What ultimately has happened? Essentially the very thing Governor Palin warned against. While Governor Palin was likely referring to securing Gaddafi's stockpiles of weapons, arms still ultimately transferred to dangerous hands.  Al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks on Benghazi consulate, and weapons were being run (and continue to be transferred through other countries), likely to Syria, to arm Al Qaeda linked rebels.

The President has often touted that bin Laden is dead and that al Qaeda is decimated.  He has cheered the death of Gaddafi. While these three things help rid the world of evil, only two of them are true. Al Qaeda seems to still be very much active. On Friday, the State Department issued worldwide travel warnings for the entire month of August because of al Qaeda threats. US Embassies are closed this Sunday (President Obama's birthday) throughout the world including places like Iraq and Egypt.If a terror network was truly decimated, there would be no need to take caution over their threats.

It is phony reasoning to suggest that the death of two evil men means the death of an entire network of evil. It is phony leadership to not heed real warnings of the potential for evil and to intimidate those who were survivors of such evil by subjecting them to polygraph tests in an attempt to silence them. The only ones who should be subjected to such tests are those who claim the death of four brave Americans is solely a "phony scandal".

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