Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rise above Politics with Stephen Fincher!

Stephen Fincher was endorsed by Governor Palin this past Thursday:
Stephen Fincher is not a politician. He’s a farmer, business man, gospel singer, and a true patriot from Frog Jump (pop. 400) in West Tennessee. He’s a conservative committed to limited government, lower taxes, and job creation. Please visit Stephen’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.
One of the first things that Fincher did in deciding to run for Congress was to read the Constitution. He stands for cutting spending, cutting taxes, and reducing the debt. He believes in creating a comprehensive energy plan that includes drilling in ANWR and expanding nuclear energy. He stands for free market principles and ending the power of Big Labor.

A recent poll shows that Fincher is leading his opponent, a state Senator, who has misrepresented campaign funding that Fincher received in the primaries. The 8th Congressional seat has been a Democratic stronghold for 35 years , but voters recognize that a politician is not what they are seeking, but a public servant. One voter says of Fincher:
“He seems like he can reach the common man kind of thing,” Harris says. “And that kind of touches me in a way that nobody else seems to be able to do that.”

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