Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet Bill Marcy for Mississippi's 2nd District!

At Organize4Palin, Karen Allen writes:
This is a fun (but true) video that a Bill Marcy (MS-2) supporter made. Bill put it on his website. Learn more about and donate to Bill HERE.

And here’s what one of his supporters posted on his Facebook:

Ed Holliday: Bill is building excitement! You can feel the momentum. I was with Bill in Washington as he met with Sarah Palin. I saw them speak and look each other in the eye and I knew then that Sarah understood what a dynamic person and candidate that Bill is. There as Bill and Sarah spoke I realized that Bill is Mississippi’s… conservative grizzly bear and he’s not afraid of the big bad Bennie wolf. Go get ‘em. Bill!

Marcy is a former Chicago police officer worked as a security director in the private sector before moving to Mississippi in 2001. He is running for Congress is Mississippi's second district against incumbent Bennie Thompson who supported both Obamacare and cap and tax and has voted on Democratic party lines 98% of the time. Marcy is a pro-life, pro-free market, pro energy development, anti-bailout conservative. Marcy distills his political worldview on the frontpage of his website:
The 2nd District needs a better tomorrow, a stepping stone to a brighter future. While others work to set America back, we will work to take America forward.

Every day, our Government takes one more step towards encroaching on our civil liberties, and worse yet, spending our hard earned money on policies that do not meld with our core value system. And some of our Congressional leaders are battling for power and position within their political parties, instead of representing the constituents.

I believe that our Constitution guarantees – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Government’s job is to govern, not to restrict our prosperity as secured by natural law and the rights of the individual.

Together, we can point our Country back to the values that our Founding Father’s(sic) envisioned. I’m Bill Marcy, and I want to be a part of building the landscape of better education, better jobs and a better, safer life for our children.
If you are able, please support Marcy's campaign with your time or donation. To support any of the candidates endorsed by Governor Palin, please visit Organize4Palin.

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