Monday, August 30, 2010

Governor Palin's Call to Restore Honor and Protect the Constitution

On Saturday, Governor Palin spoke before hundreds of thousands of Americans at the Restoring Honor rally. In yet another contrast between herself and President Obama, Governor Palin stated at the rally:
I must assume that you too know that we must not fundamentally transform America as some would want. We must restore America and restore her honor!
What is would restoration of America look like? Would it mean that our leaders have character? Would it mean that politicians were public servants rather than self-servants? Would it mean that our government, both Democrats and Republicans, used the Constitution as a blueprint rather than a doormat? Would it mean that everyday Americans looked for government to protect us, rather than provide for us? Would it mean that we, as Americans, respected one another, and saw each other as unique individuals, rather than demographic groups? Would it mean that we honored our military? Would it mean that we honored our elders and respected one another? Would it mean that we realize that our rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable--given to us only by God-- not given to us by government?

Governor Palin is one who has character and sees the role of elected official as a public servant, not a self-servant. She sees not an America separated by demographic groups, but one that united as a nation, but unique as individuals. She values and respect the Constitution as she states so often, and even stated, in a brief interview on Saturday (emphasis mine):
That’s what Americans are ready for — the kind of change where we get back to protecting our constitution and limiting government...That’s what I think we see reflected here, even though this is a rally about restoring honor.
Governor Palin shows deep respect for both the U.S. and Alaska Consitutions. She even held her gubernatorial inauguration in Fairbanks, AK where the Alaska Constitution was written and used that founding document as her compass--whether it was in crafting ACES legislation, molding her stance on school vouchers, or in her desire and efforts to allow Alaska to contribute more resources to the rest of the country. Governor Palin sees state and national founding documents as governmental compasses.

Such a focus on the Constitution is seen not only in her speeches, interviews, and writings, but also even in her PAC solicitations. Earlier this summer, I received a mailing from SarahPAC with the following text (Emphasis mine.):
Dear Whitney,

I am inspired by the American patriots across our nation who want to bring Congress back to the ideals of our Founding Fathers.

The White House and Congress need to hear that Americans don't want cradle-to-grave government control of our lives. We don't want government bureaucrats deciding what kind of light bulbs we should use, what kind of cars we should drive, and which doctors can and can't care for us and our families.

Liberal politicians should not be trying to re-write the U.S. Constitution. Our Constitution is a centuries-old gift from our steadfast Founding Fathers. We cannot sell out our sovereignty, surrender our God-given rights, or falter in the War on Terror.

Republicans recently took victory away from liberals in three states and sent a message to Congress and the White House that Americans are fed up with politicians trying to impose more big-government policies on our nation.

Now I'm asking for your help to carry that momentum across the country.

What Americans want is a return to the values our Founding Fathers fought and died for. Government should get out of our way so we can raise our families, run our businesses, and keep more of our hard-earned money.

So many people have asked me what can we do to save our country from politicians who want to take away our basic rights. What we can do, Whitney, is join the effort and help send pro-family, pro-American patriots who share our beliefs to Congress.

If you're ready to join the movement, please use the enclosed reply form to send your best gift possible to SarahPAC today. We'll use it to change our nation to the ideals that matter to all of us. Thank you for joining me to keep America the country we know and love!

With an Alaskan heart,
Sarah Palin

I was particularly struck by her emphasis on the words "Founding Fathers" and "Constitution". While the current administration is operating with the goal of fundamentally transforming our nation, through her endorsements and her voice, Governor Palin is operating with the goal of fundamentally restoring our nation to the principles it was founded upon, a theme echoed in Saturday's speech.

Our Constitution has three main themes woven throughout its text:a limited federal government, appropriate powers given to states, and emphasis on individual freedoms. These are all themes upon which Governor Palin has built her political philosophy. Governor Palin is a very strong advocate for 2nd amendment and 10th amendment rights in particular. She believes that the branches of government must not be twisted. In her speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Convention, she has called out the EPA, an agency of unelected bureaucrats housed executive branch, for legislating from the executive branch. She does not believe judicial officials should legislate from the bench. She does not believe the federal government should go beyond its powers to infringe upon states' powers. However, she is not only going to speak out when the federal government overreaches, she is also going to speak out when the federal government is not fulfilling one of its Constitutional roles, as she has done by standing with Governor Brewer with regards to border insecurity in Arizona.

If one examines the premise of the writing of the Constitution--the Preamble--one can see that Governor Palin is lock step with every principle in that famed, beautifully simple paragraph. Governor Palin believes that it is "we the people", not the "we the governing authorities" that make have founded and maintain this country. Governor Palin believes that justice must be established and domestic tranquility ensured by properly prosecuting terrorists, securing our border, and taking our enemies seriously. She believes that the common defense must be provided for. She has spoken out against the President for drawing back nuclear weapons and cutting funds for missile defense.Governor Palin believes in promoting the general welfare, not by creating and perpetuating entitlement programs, but by removing burdensome regulations and taxation from businesses, families, and individuals so that they have the opportunity to better provide for their own welfare. Governor Palin supports securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. She understands that in order to have such liberty, government must not impinge upon individual freedoms, nor should our nation become beholden to foreign countries because of a dependency upon foreign fossil fuels, when America has abundant sources here. She sees that the current trajectory of our nation's spending puts us on a path towards insolvency,and she has even called such spending generational theft. Blessings of liberty will not be passed on to our posterity if our nation is drowning in debt.

When the word "restoration" is used, it hearkens back to the time of our Founders, whose wisdom crafted our Constitution, the document that guides Governor Palin's political worldview, and represents leadership full of integrity and character:

Time will tell if Governor Palin chooses to run for President. However, it is clear that if she is elected and takes her oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution, she will mean every word of that oath and will not risk perjuring herself with such a declaration. It must be noted that Governor Palin's desire to restore America and help return it to the principles of the Constitution are not bound by political office. Her moving speech this weekend was a call to recognize God, to return to the principles of the Founders and great leaders of the past, and to show gratitude to our military. Such is Governor Palin's call to restore honor:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Governor Palin and Women's Equality

Today marks Women's Equality Day, as 90 years ago, the 19th amendment was adopted giving women the right to vote (Governor Palin noted the ratification of this amendment last week). Much has been discussed about Governor Palin's role in a new feminist movement or if she's even a feminist at all. Recently, a pro-abortion group, Emily's list, put out a laughable attempt to diminish the power of Governor Palin's mama grizzlies. Governor Palin's mama grizzly brand has drawn a lot of attention to the conservative female candidates whom she has endorsed. This election cycle has proven to be quite a popular cycle for conservative women as 201 Republican women are running for the House, Senate, and statewide offices including 140 for the House and Senate alone, more than twice as many as in 2008. With the celebration of Women's Equality Day and the surge of conservative women running for office, a yahoo news story states (emphasis mine):
Several Women's Equality Day events are planned across the country Thursday.

In California, a great, great, great granddaughter of suffragist leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton will address a rally near the statehouse in Sacramento. In New York, the Susan B. Anthony List — it backs female candidates opposed to abortion — will host a forum on "pro-life feminism."

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said the surge of women running as anti-abortion conservatives reflected a "war over who gets to define what feminism means."

"There's an unsettling of the political apple cart," Dannenfelser said. "Sarah Palin kicked the door open, and a lot of women started going through."

Much has been made of Governor Palin's brush with smashing through the glass ceiling in 2008 and her support of conservative female candidates in this election cycle. However, her support for women has extended far beyond political milestones and into the realm of standing for women on the issues, in spite of the Left's constant lies and misrepresentations to the contrary. The Left has often claimed a monopoly on women's issues, but Governor Palin has chipped away at their political support because she understands what true equality is about. The Left often chooses to hang their feminist hat on the abortion issue. However, Governor Palin has turned the "feminist"argument on its head by on multiple occasions by emphasizing that girls and women are strong enough to bring a child into this world rather than viewing abortion as a choice. Governor Palin chooses to go beyond the Friedan/Steinem one issue feminism to evaluate the whole woman.

This week the Obama administration apologized to the UN on behalf for America's human rights' "failings". While President Obama offers this apology, his administration stayed silent when Iran, a country with extremely anti-women views, was placed on the Women's Rights Council of the UN this past Spring. UN ambassador, Susan Rice, had the opportunity to vote and speak against this specific appointment, but did not. Governor Palin, on the other hand, spoke against this nonsensical decision via Twitter:
U.S. Moms: we are thankful 4 freedom!Despicable treatment of women in Iran(setting U.N.policy on women’s rights)make U.N.credibility a joke
Governor Palin stood against the anti-women policies of Iran while the Obama administration chose to vote present. Governor Palin realizes that women's equality isn't about a dichotomous decision of pro-life or pro-abortion. Women's equality is about speaking out against injustices to women throughout the world. It's about measured support for reforms like Title IX which has brought so many opportunities to female student athletes over the past nearly 40 years. It's about supporting pro woman fiscal conservatism which provides opportunity for female business owners and households. It's about recognizing history and the foremothers who came before us and paved the way so that we could have a political voice.

As we approach the 2 year anniversary of Governor Palin's introduction to the national scene, let us re-visit one of Governor Palin's most underrated speeches of the 2008 campaign where she spoke specifically about women's equality issues--support for female business owners, opposition to global injustices and abuses of women, and a strong recognition of history. Governor Palin has not changed her tune:

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Governor Palin Let's Me Speak for Myself

As has been covered already, earlier this week, Emily's List, an organization aimed at raising money for pro-"choice" female candidates, launched a laughable ad campaign, "Sarah Doesn't Speak for Us":

desperately attempting to parody her pointed and well-done "Mama Grizzly" internet ad campaign:

In addition to the utter absurdity of the aesthetics of the video, the content of the video is lockstep with liberal affinity for identity politics. They may be saying "Sarah doesn't speak for us", but in reality, what Governor Palin does is let women speak for themselves. As she said in response to this ad in a recent Facebook post (emphasis mine):
On this anniversary of women’s suffrage, let’s take a moment to be grateful for the diversity of the debate. Women don’t walk in lockstep with each other in politics, any more than men do. We should be proud of our ability to engage in a civil discussion and healthy debate. I know I am. Unfortunately, I’ve recently come under attack for speaking up for sisters who seek to serve in public office. The sad part is that the attack comes from other sisters who happen to be on the other side of an issue that has been of great importance to American women from the time of our feminist foremothers, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, down to today. I’m speaking of the issue of life. I feel compelled to offer some advice to our sisters who like to throw stones at those of us who respectfully disagree with them on this issue (and they sometimes refuse to even countenance the fact that some of us can call ourselves feminists and disagree with those who claim the mantle of “real feminists"

The most heartbreaking part of this Emily's list video is that in their litany of issues where they disagree with Governor Palin, the first issue they mention is abortion, with one of the "mama grizzly/Ewoks" saying," You know what threatens me? My daughter not having the right to choose". In essence, these "mama grizzlies" are threatened by the fact that fewer "cubs" are born into this world. Their aim is protecting a "choice", not a "cub".

However, they don't stop at abortion. They attempt to hit the Governor on the issues of health care, unemployment benefits, education funding, and acceptance of sexual orientation. They absurdly claim that if Governor Palin were in charge, their children wouldn't have health care. As Governor Palin has mentioned in her many Facebook posts, she advocates consumer driven, patient-centered care, rather than government run rationing. She has made no statements regarding unemployment benefits, though Governor Palin always looks at government spending through the lens of necessity and long term effects on the deficit, which actually protects "cubs" from generational theft. With regards to educational spending, Governor Palin may not support massive federal funding of education (which comes with strings attached), but she advocates for more local control for spending for education and even forward funded education. Along with the Obama administration, Governor Palin has stated that she supports a "traditional" definition of marriage, but in no way wants to impinge on the rights of adults to engage in the relationships they deem right for themselves.

In addition to the blatant misrepresentation of where Governor Palin stands on the issues, they have it completely backwards in her view of the "feminism" and supporting women. For Governor Palin and conservative and independent women throughout America, it's not about being placed in the "women" box of identity politics. For conservative women, it's not about Governor Palin speaking for us; it's about being able to speak for ourselves. This is the kind of worldview that Governor Palin espouses and supports in candidates whom she endorses. It isn't about government dictating to female small business owners how they must run their business or about levying burdensome taxes on them. It's about removing burdensome regulations and taxes that allow these business owners to increase their inventory and their staff--both of which help fuel the economy. This allows these women to speak and act for themselves. It's not about creating more government programs to "provide" for women. It's about creating an environment for women to manage their budgets and their households, and it's about ensuring that the money spent on government programs now isn't going to mortgage the future of these women's children. When Governor Palin wants to advocate for First Amendment rights, she is not about stifling dissenting opinions, but it's about ensuring that a double standard isn't applied, even if the women she is defending has been less than complimentary to her in the past.

Governor Palin hasn't made it her goal to be the voice for women, but in this process, in many ways, she has become just that. She speaks for us because she advocates for women to speak and act for themselves. It is not about placing women or any other demographic group in a certain box, it's about allowing them to speak and act for themselves. I cannot help but think of an Iron "mama grizzly" who had a similar disdain for identity politics and big government policies:

Thank you, Governor Palin, for letting us speak for ourselves!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

No Political Argument Left against Governor Palin

I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.
-Margaret Thatcher

The last week or so proved to be quite an eventful period amongst the "Attack Governor Palin" crowd. First, as Governor Palin was shooting part of her documentary in Homer, Alaska, she engaged in conversation with a protester, who laughably touted her "Worst Governor Ever" sign all the while bemoaning the fact that Governor Palin resigned. One would think that if someone declared a Governor the worst ever that he or she would be glad when said Governor resigned. However, I suppose we all must remember that such individuals' trains of logic run on non-existent rails. Additionally, the Governor supposedly rolled her eyes when the protester mentioned that she was a teacher, resulting in yet another "gate": eye roll-gate. Later this past week, following the saddening passing of Senator Ted Stevens, a New Hampshire Democrat disrespectfully exploited the Senator's death to attack Governor Palin with a death wish which rightfully cost him his seat in the New Hampshire legislature. Then, as has often become the case when Governor Palin makes an endorsement, the endorsee's opponent throws a hissy fit. This time Maryland gubernatorial candidate, Bob Ehlrich, began launching attacks at Governor Palin when she endorsed one of his opponents, Brian Murphy, rather than trying to articulate why he is the better person for the the job.

This has become fairly common symptomology for those suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome. Everything in Governor Palin's life becomes a giant scandal in their minds and a "nontroversy" in the minds of supporters and those with a non-delusional sense of reality. Let us not forget some past symptoms of PDS: bus-gate, visor-gate, socialized medicine gate, palm-gate and bendy straw gate-- just to name a few. These are ridiculous, silly "attacks" on the Governor. They are not political, nor ideological criticisms. They are not valid questions regarding political strategy. Why is that? Why can't the "enlightened, well educated intelligensia" question or attack Governor Palin on the issues? After all, she is a polarizing, far right wing nut case who only represents the fringe of the Republican party, right?

They cannot attack Governor Palin on the issues because she has her finger on the pulse of the American people when it comes to the issues, as Sheya recently highlighted. Most recently, Governor Palin has been lock-step with the American people in opposition to the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. When you look at recent polling on the issues among likely voters-- immigration, the free market, health care reform, off shore drilling, the Bush tax cuts, and whole host of other issues, Governor Palin is right in line with the American people. Her opponents, whether they be from the political class on the Left, the political class on the Right, or the media, have nothing with which they can successfully and substantively attack her.

On a personal or non-political level, Governor Palin's critics have shamelessly attacked her family and disparaged her Alaska roots. As we are now quite aware of, one such critic took it upon himself to move next door to the Palins, then proceeded to use rhetoric comparing the family to Nazis when they took action to protect their privacy. They have ridiculously attacked things such as what she writes on her hand and her supposed diva-ish demands for bendable straws. (As I side note, I recently purchased a package of one hundred bendable straws at Walgreens' for a whopping 99 cents.It really breaks the bank). They have wrongfully called her a racist for opposing President Obama on issues. They have also wrongfully called her a racist (Fair warning: Shannyn Moore HuffPo link) for opposing the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero. However, some such opponents may need a little bit of a sociology lesson. Islam is a religion, not a race, and she did not oppose the practice, simply the location. So even if someone attacks Governor Palin on a political point, they cannot do so appropriately, nor can they do so truthfully.

Very few can speak to whether or not Governor Palin "cheers up immensely", as Margaret Thatcher states, when yet another personal attack is launched at her. Governor Palin is human, and no doubt these attacks garner an emotional reaction of some sort, perhaps even sometimes a legitimate eye roll. However, whatever her internal reaction is, Governor Palin has always been one to take attacks in stride and to keep them in perspective. Earlier in her political career, Governor Palin once said about a political adversary, "I couldn't do anything without Nick Carney griping about it. That was the nature of our relationship. I could have walked across Lake Lucile on the water, and he would have griped about me splashing", echoing Thatcher's quote of, "[i]f my critics saw me walking over the Thames they would say it was because I couldn't swim". She recognizes that some critics are relentless and may never been won over, even by reason and truth. In one of her final speeches as Governor of Alaska, Palin spoke of how she responded when a reporter asks how she handles "difficult" days:
“I said, ‘Oh no,’ it is not a down day – my son called this week from Iraq,” Palin recalled, referring to her son, Track, an Army enlistee. “He is safe, he is sound. It is always a good day when my son calls.”

Interrupting the applause, Palin said: “I wish that some in the media would keep things like that in perspective, what is really important in our country. And what is important is our freedoms, America’s security, our liberty.”
Governor Palin is a leader. From her perspective, the greater pertinence is America's freedom, not what attacks are levied at her personally. In spite of all the media attacks and frivolous ethics complaints levied at Governor Palin, and despite the misrepresentations of her stellar gubernatorial record over the past nearly two years, Governor Palin maintains a 44/47 favorable/unfavorable rating, a favorability index of -3, in the country. Contrast this with President Obama, whose approval index has stayed in the negative double digits for more than six weeks straight and for the vast majority of 2010 in spite of the fact that the President has a largely doting media supporting him. Despite what the media have done to support President Obama and trash Governor Palin, it seems that the country likes Governor Palin more than they approve of President Obama. Personal shots at the Governor may be all that can be launched at this point, as disapproval of where she stands politically, puts one at odds with the American people.

However, whether there be personal or political shots against the Governor, there are no more free shots at Governor Palin.
She has our back; let us have hers. She is standing with us on the issues; let us stand with her on the truth.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Early August Blogging Round Up

So, here's an update on some of the stuff I've written in the last week or so. On the 912 Project front, we continue to write about Shorebank, a Chicago bank which seems to be receiving special treatment by both Congress and the White House, even though it is failing bank. Why be selective in the banks that are allowed to succeed or fail? Hmm?? We've had the opportunity to share our stories on Shorebank at BigGovernment. For a summary, here is a link to all of our BigGovernment stories. We all share in the research of these stories, but write these stories as individuals. Here are a two pieces that I wrote that were published at Big Government:

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Another 912 member wrote another piece for Big Government regarding Shorebank increasingly less likely bailout by the federal government. See here. These articles are also posted on the Central Illinois 912 Project website. I also posted a story about the Constitutionality of the Race to the Top education reform funding at our site.

On the Pro Palin blogging front, I had a few stories posted at Conservatives4Palin this week. Some of which have been cross posted here and here.

Here's a round up of most of the stories in August so far:

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Governor Palin's Accomplishments In this post, I share a document I put together highlighting her accomplishments as Governor of Alaska. Here's the document:

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