Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Governor Palin, Governor Huckabee and Mary Jane

Governor Mike Huckabee was recently on the late night Fox News program, Red Eye, a show that is a blend of politics, culture, and humor. While the show is intended to be funny, the attempt at humor by Huckabee is seething with jealous and contempt. Governor Huckabee attempts to poke fun at Governor Palin's truthful, pragmatic answer to a question about the legalization of marijuana. As the clip shows, Governor Palin clearly states that she is opposed to the legalization of marijuana, but she also recognizes that perhaps there are more important issues that law enforcement officers should focus upon. What law enforcement matter has Governor Palin recently stood strongly for? Arizona's immigration law, perhaps? What was Governor Huckabee's take on this law? Huckabee stated:

I understand why it was passed and why 70 percent of the people of Arizona support it. They're angry, they're frustrated, and they're scared. There are a half-million illegals who have poured into their state.

America is a lot like Disney World in that once you get a ticket, you're in. You don't have to keep showing your ticket to keep riding the rides. That's the whole point of liberty.

Governor Huckabee expressed opposition to the new law by using a nonsensical analogies. If his analogy was properly applied, it would indicate that those who came to America illegally were ones who hopped the fence rather than purchasing a ticket. Poor analogy aside, what does Governor Huckabee's stance on immigration really mean? It means he isn't opposed to the fact that Arizona is a major pipeline for marijuana trafficking into America. Up to 10% of all marijuana produced in Mexico is funneled through a vulnerable area of the Mexican/Arizonan border, which makes up only 4% of the US/Mexico border. If the efforts of Governor Brewer, with the support of Governor Palin, are successful, the nation will be more secure, and illegal drug trafficking will be mitigated. So, Mr. Huckabee while you're making tool-ish jokes about Governor Palin and drug use and lamely trying to compare her to Jesse Ventura, she is standing firmly for secure borders and strongly against the flow of illegal drugs into the country.

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