Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog Posts for the Week of June 13th-Updated

So I've been a bit lax about cross posting my original blog posts. I've decided to at the very least provide links to what I've written on a weekly basis. Here are this week's post:

Central Illinois 912 Project blog:

Flag Day: Recognizing the Adoption of the Stars and Stripes

From the Central Illinois 912 Project Prayer Committee: Faith, Social Justice, and the EPA

The Palination blog (crossposted at the Palintwibe)

The Meeting of Two Iron Ladies?

Governor Palin: the Principled Pragmatist

Governor Palin's Response to President Obama's Oil Spill Address

The LOTUS (Laptop of the United States)

Does Chavez "Drill, Baby, Drill"?

Two Iron Ladies to Meet?

Sarah Shows her Bear Bias ;)


IL-11: What Would Adam Kinzinger Do in Congress regarding the Oil Spill?

I welcome constructive criticism! :)

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