Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Eureka Moment for Governor Palin

Governor Palin spoke at an event on Saturday at a California university where she took some time to thank some of the fallen soldiers who were among the attendees. Some of these individuals were Corps men. During her speech, she also referenced a tornado in Kansas that killed thousands of people, or in actuality, a few people.

Oh, wait, what's that? If I click on the links, those gaffes aren't from Governor Palin! They're from the teleprompter reader-in-chief President Obama!?

What Governor Palin actually said was that President Reagan's alma mater was in California, not Illinois. Was this incorrect? Yes. However, it was simply Governor Palin speaking extemporaneously. She was referring to Reagan, as she often does. She happened to be speaking in California, where Reagan spent a significant portion of his life, at a university. The result? A slip of the tongue, not a legitimate lack of knowledge or display of ignorance. Governor Palin clearly knows that Eureka College is in Illinois. I had the privilege of hearing Governor Palin speak in Washington, Illinois, just a short drive from Eureka College, in April. She referenced Eureka College and its proximity to where she was speaking during her amazing speech, at one point saying that a Eureka educated man played better in Peoria ( a short distance from both Washington and Eureka, Illinois) than a Harvard educated man. She obviously knows where Eureka College is!

You have to wonder why the media chooses to make this issue a focus. It's not like we don't have a recession, massive oil spill, SCOTUS confirmation hearing, finance reform bill deliberation, or anything like that going on right now!

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