Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Alternative for Illinois Conservatives

William F. Buckley's voting strategy was to vote for the conservative most likely to win. Well, what if there are no conservatives in the race? This is the situation that Illinois voters are faced with in November's general election. The Democratic nominee Alexi Giannoulias is liberal and carries the baggage of his family bank, where he was once a VP, has been closed by the FDIC. Republican nominee, Mark Kirk, is a pro cap and tax, pro partial birth abortion, anti gun candidate who has lied about his military accolades.

The deadline for filing for a spot on the November ballot was yesterday, and a slew of candidates have submitted their names for consideration. One is Randy Stufflebeam, who is running on the Constitution Party ticket

Randy Stufflebeam is a 22 year Marine veteran and has previously served as the chair of the Illinois Constitution party. Stufflebeam is pro-life and is committed to returning the US Senate back to the principles of the Constitution. You can read more about Stufflebeam here.

You can see the list of other candidates here.

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