Friday, July 2, 2010

Ignorance of the Left on Full Display

If you listened to the media, you would think that those of us who support Governor Palin were ignorant and uninformed. However, often the converse is true. There's a disconnect between reality and misconception. The misconception is that conservatives, especially those of the Palin variety, are stupid, uneducated blind followers. The misconception is that the anti-Palin crowd are sophisticated, intelligent, and open minded. What does reality show us though? Take a look at this video of anti-Palin protesters:

Fabulous, huh? Let's take a look point-by-point. The Left prides itself on its intellectualism, yet it seems in spite of such superior intellect, their vocabulary, on display in this clip, is rather small and largely consisting of four letter words. Second, the chant of these buffoons is quite enlightening, "eat the rich!". Yes, that will solve poverty in America and cure all societal ills! Why didn't we think of that before?! The Left tries to turn everything into class warfare. However, as we've seen with the bloated budgets circulating throughout Washington and state houses, the true "rich" are not wealthy Americans, but a government who has become intent on gorging itself on other people's money, rich or not. We have a progressive income tax system that falls on the back of the rich. The effects of capital gains and business taxes fall largely on the rich. However, taxes don't just fall on the rich. With the talk of value added taxes and cap and tax legislation, taxes will fall on all consumers. Regardless of what your view is on smoking, the Left, the supposed champion of the little guy, is a big proponent of a regressive (falling largely on the poor) tax on cigarettes. What do these taxes go to? Massive entitlement programs, supposed government "stimulus" programs, bailouts, and earmarks. The true culpable "rich" are those in Washington who have feasted upon the American taxpayer to feed their insatiable appetite.

Lastly, what does this video show? The Left's misunderstanding of what makes America exception. One man in the video states that he "hates the Constitution", and he's a Communist. For someone who hates the Constitution, he certainly did his fair share of exercising his first amendment rights. As we've seen with the SCOTUS confirmation hearings this week, the US Senate is poised to confirm a justice who sees the Constitution as a living document, yet does not see an unborn child as living, even to the point to altering medical information in order to support partial birth abortion. We have a president in office who sees the Constitution as a "charter of negative liberties"--one that tells the government what it can't do. Do we see a pattern here? Disdain for our Constitution, while freely exercising one of the rights vested in that document, is truly a double standard, but hey, if it wasn't for double standards, some on the Left wouldn't have standards.

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