Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Rid of the Silly Signs!

My future husband, ur, I mean Congressman, Aaron Schock, came out today saying very much what I've been thinking since the passage of the "stimulus" package nearly a year and a half ago--those "stimulus" road signs that I pass on a daily basis are ridiculous. Why spend money on such things? The cost of those signs are $20 million nationwide and $650,000 in Illinois. Yes, this is drop in the federal government's overflowing budgetary bucket, but does that mean that it needs to be spent? No! While even some conservatives make a stink when liberals look to trim the fat in minor areas rather than make larger cuts elsewhere, such cuts are indeed needed. Yes, we need get entitlements and the debt under control, but smaller cuts and reduction of stupid wasteful spending are needed as well. There's no need for signs to say that a project is funded by an unsuccessful piece of legislation. There's no need for chunks of money to go to silly earmarks or other forms of frivolous, unnecessary spending.

Personally, I think that federal funding for highway development and repair is justified and necessary. Building roads is one of the duties given to Congress by the Section 8 of Constitution. However, there's no need for unnecessary spending to advertise such projects. They might as well have a sign that says, " Look! Unemployment is higher than it would have been had we not passed the 'stimulus'" bill.

You can vote for Schock's call to end funding of these signs as an amendment to be brought before the House.

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