Friday, March 30, 2012

Recent Blog Posts at Big Government and the New Agenda

I've been lazy about cross posting my blog posts back here at Little Blog on the Prairie the past six weeks or so, so I've decided just to link my posts below. I've had the opportunity to write on topics ranging from Women's History Month to the lies of the anti-Palin HBO film "Game Change" to crony capitalism in Washington DC and Chicago.

The New Agenda:

"Game Change" Proves to Be Yet Another HBO Failure

We've Come A Long Way, Baby, But Still so Far to Go

HBO's "Game Change" Creates a New Film Genre--Histrionic, Historical Fiction

Celebrating Women's History Month--Reaching the Summitt

Big Government:

Algae-Based Biofuels: More of President Obama's Green Cronyism

President Obama's and Governor Quinn's Economic Philosophy--"It's All Greek to Me"

Feds Give Millions to Company Under SEC Investigation

Cronyism in Chicago Public Schools' Cafeteria

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