Monday, February 20, 2012

New SarahPAC Video Shows the Best of Illinois' History

Today on President's Day, SarahPAC released a video which honored two of the nation's presidents  who  have ties to Illinois--Presidents Lincoln and Reagan. In a state whose recent claims to fame ( or perhaps better said infamy) include our most recent governors either in jail or soon-to-be in jail and a president whose policy have contributed to a credit downgrade, massive debt, and pervasive green cronyism, this recent video highlights what's right about Illinois' past,when so much is wrong about our present. The transcript of the video I believe is from Governor Palin's "Restoring Honor" speech given about a year and a half ago in Washington D.C., but the images highlight her visits to Ronald Reagan's boyhood home and his alma mater as well as her visit to Abraham Lincoln's presidential museum--all in Illinois. Governor Palin's words and the great video and editing by the guys at PassCodeCreative  speak volumes of Governor Palin's appreciation for the great character and accomplishments of these great leaders:


 Over the summer, our Illinois Organize4Palin group put together a heartfelt, but much less well produced and moving video indicating our support for Governor Palin because we saw, and still see, in her connections to those great men who are the best of our state's history:


While the words of support may have been in the context of what we anticipated would be a presidential run in 2012, our support still remains strong for Governor Palin, and we wish to continue to support the principles she espouses and the candidates who espouse those principles themselves.

Thank you, Governor Palin, and happy Presidents Day!

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