Saturday, July 9, 2011

"The Undefeated" and the Volunteering4Palin

Georgia Organize4Palin volunteer, Rob Cunningham, has written a great piece at the American Thinker encouraging people to see “The Undefeated”, not only to get the truth about Governor Palin’s record, but because it empowers the grassroots movement as well. He writes in part:
During this anniversary month that marks America’s independence, and inspired by a personal sense of patriotism, I implore every freedom loving American to see Stephen K. Bannon’s documentary on the life and career of Sarah Palin. And furthermore, every conservative, Tea Party activist, free-market capitalist, persons of faith or no-faith, and all influential leaders, regardless of whom their preferred 2012 presidential candidate might actually be, should leverage all their talents, skills, resources and creativity to ensure the maximum number of people experience this movie in public theaters.

Stay with me on this, please.

Why do I make this claim? The simple clarity and raw truth offered in “The Undefeated” stands at the ready to educate tens of millions of citizens, perhaps influencing an entire generation of voters. This documentary deeply connects, on both an intellectual and emotional level, and stirs one’s very soul. This film brilliantly serves as a modern-day case study, and clearly illustrates how our agenda-driven news media, entertainment industry and political power brokers brazenly operate, in plain view and with cold-blooded intentionality, in a tireless attempt to destroy a very decent fellow citizen. When presented with basic facts, Americans will recoil in disgust.

If principled republicans, tea-partiers and libertarians choose to no longer remain silent, misinformed or “neutral” while one of our strongest and most influential “movement conservatives” is repeatedly and falsely attacked, we will empower every single person and candidate within our movement.


In no manner whatsoever is it being suggested that one’s movie attendance equates to support for, or an endorsement of, Sarah Palin. However, the entire conservative movement will become dramatically empowered, in direct proportion to, the actual number of people that witness this film. This movie delivers a liberating education and razor sharp awareness of the methods used both by the media and establishment politicians from the left and the right. It will awaken the senses for those previously unconvinced of exactly how the modern day “progressive” movement comfortably uses lies, ridicule, false narratives and intellectual laziness to mislead their audiences. This movie delivers a massive body blow to the media, it dilutes the effectiveness of liberal scare tactics and will vaccinate millions against infection from traditional “news” reporting. By powerfully highlighting the media’s methods of distortion, one of the most powerful weapons used against all conservatives, is damaged.

“The Undefeated” will be released the week of July 15th through July 21st at AMC theatres in 10 major US cities. A positive reception at each of these theaters is critical to ensuring a much larger national audience benefits from this film. Those interested can purchase tickets online at

In one July week, our entire conservative movement can become enormously stronger if we work together and “get out the viewers.” Invite a few friends, visit with your neighbors or organize a youth group. By making a concerted effort to better educate ourselves and our fellow citizens, the best and brightest conservative leaders across our nation will benefit.

Cunningham has also put together the excellent and independent Volunteering4Palin project to implement the strategy that he discusses in his article. He and other Organize4Palin volunteers in Georgia and South Carolina have been working on this project, and all are encouraged to join them in getting involved in these efforts. Please check out the site here to see how you can be participate in this effort to not only set the record straight on Governor Palin's record, but to also help the grassroots remain empowered through this film. Please watch the video below that Cunningham and his wife have put together discussing how you can get involved in getting the word out about the film and inviting people to attend it in theaters throughout the country.

Again, please visit the Volunteering4Palin site to get involved.

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