Saturday, January 8, 2011

We Owe Each Other a Better Discourse than This: Updated

With the atrocities of the numerous people killed and injured in the Arizona shooting on Saturday, I've seen vitriol thrown from all across the political spectrum. The Left and much of the media are grossly and improperly placing the blame for the shooting on Governor Palin, Glenn Beck, conservatives and the Tea Party. The Right is using today to point out the hypocrisy of the Left. While there is a time to determine motive and influence in such a tragic shooting and hypocrisy does need to be brought to light, now is not the time. By all accounts, the shooter was very disturbed, and judging by his statements on his Youtube account, some of his reading choices, and other evidence, it is quite obvious that he is not at all influenced by Governor Palin, Glenn Beck, or the conservative movement. It is ridiculous to place the personal decisions of one person on another person. We are all responsible for our own individual actions. Personal responsibility is one of the values of the 912 project that we seek to implement in our lives. Hypocrisy does need to be pointed out. However, now is not the time to place blame or reveal hypocrisy. Now is the time to clasp hands in prayer, not point fingers in blame.

When the members of the House read the Constitution earlier this week, Congresswoman Giffords, one of those shot, read the first amendment (see starting at the 2:25 mark):

We have the right to the freedom the speech, as Congresswoman Giffords read, but how do we use that freedom? There is a time to criticize, to call out hypocrisy, and to determine who may have been an influence on such a disturbed person. However, now is not that time. Instead, it is a time to practice another freedom found in the first amendment--freedom of religion. We have such an opportunity to pray right now for the soul of the disturbed young man who perpetrated this awful act, to pray for those injured, to pray for the comfort of the friends and families of the injured and killed, to pray for our nation. One of these victims was man who was murdered in this senseless act in protection of his wife. Ones of the victims was a child born on September 11, 2001. One was a federal judge who had served for many years. Others passed away, and still many others were injured. We can pray for all of these people and their families.

There will be a time for the perpetrator to be brought to justice. There will be time to highlight hypocrisy. However, at this time and always, we owe each other a better discourse than pointed fingers, heated rhetoric, and misplaced blame.

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  1. Well said. It's tempting to focus on the debate about the hypocrisy. God give us strength to focus on praying instead of pointing fingers.