Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wrap-Up of the Chicago C4P Meet-up

Ninety-one ordinary barbarians, or as CNN would say a "handful", met in the bastion of liberalism, Chicago, on the weekend of November 12th -14th to show support for Governor Palin and the conservative movement. Attendees arrived throughout the day on Friday. One attendee even was approached to sign a petition for Rahm Emanuel's mayoral candidacy on the train from the airport to downtown Chicago. We started the weekend meeting together for pizza at a local restaurant. One of our speakers, S.E. Cupp, signed her latest book following the meal. While she signed her books, a patron at the restaurant yelled out, "Sarah Palin's a freakin' moron", showing that the Left is generally only capable of playground insults, not rational discussion. S.E. Cupp stood up from her seat, turned around, and blew a kiss at the shouter,then went back to signing books. Perfect response.

On Saturday morning, we began the morning with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a salute to the military by Ron Devito, editor of US for Palin, and a video clip, created by Kit Casey and "Chicago's Conservative" highlighting Governor Palin's support of the military and American exceptionalism. S.E. Cupp spoke with wit and intelligence on the identity politics should be eschewed and conservative policies embraced as they are applicable to people of all demographic groups and voting blocs. She mentioned the Meet-up in her latest column. During Cupp's question and answer session, we were blessed with a call from the Governor herself. Governor Palin graciously thanked her supporters and those who have been real grassroots supporters. Governor Palin specifically gave a shout out to one of the first ordinary barbarians, Tim Lindell, PalinTV, and Karen Allen for their hard work. Governor Palin also challenged us to hold newly elected leaders and incumbents accountable for their actions. Governor Palin tweeted a "thank you" following her call:

Karen Allen spoke next on the topic of grassroots support and getting involved in online and boots on the ground conservative activism. She is the editor of Palintwibe and Organize4Palin and is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and humble members of the grassroots. Karen also spoke of the humorous news story that emerged when Governor Palin highlighted her Organize4Palin site. The story was that her site was funded by billionaires, which, of course, was news to Karen. Karen has written about her experience at the meet-up here. Following Karen's presentation, participants got into groups to discuss ways to support Governor Palin and get involved in campaigns, should Governor Palin run for president in 2012.

In the afternoon, Dr.Gina Loudon, "mama grizzly", Tea Party activist, and radio talk show host gave a heartfelt, passionate speech about her family's experiences in politics and life. She shared the following video during her speech:

Following Dr. Loudon's speech, Steve Bannon, producer and writer of "Fire from the Heartland", a documentary about the rise of conservative women, introduced a screening of his film. Bannon was gracious enough to give a complimentary copy of the film to meet-up attendees.We also were blessed to hear from C4P co-founder and current SarahPAC staff member, Rebecca Mansour, via phone during the afternoon session.

On Saturday evening, we were blessed to have two speakers speak at dinner: Jedediah Bila and Tammy Bruce. Jedediah Bila, columnist and FoxNews contributor, re-counted her time working in liberal schools in New York City and revival of conservatism during the midterm elections and going forward. Jedediah is a savvy and well spoken supporter of the Governor. She shared her experience at the meet-up here. Tammy Bruce, radio host, columnist,and FoxNews contributor, spoke following dinner, and she gave a challenging, inspiring barnburner of a speech focused on the being prepared and ready for action in the next two years, and she spoke of embracing the happiness and joy that lie in conservatism.

The meet-up brought in "ordinary barbarians" from as far away as England and Alaska and attendees from all sorts of demographic backgrounds. What such an event shows is that Palin supporters are conservative, patriotic, generous warriors. A silent auction at the event brought in 825 dollars, which will be split between the National Association of Down Syndrome, a Chicago area organization that SarahPAC has donated to, and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, an organization that provides scholarship funding to the children of fallen soldiers. What such an event has shown is that Palin supporters reflect the character of the Governor herself as caring, patriotic individuals.


We would like to thank all of those who volunteered their time, effort, money, and prayers to help make this event possible. Thank you to Jordan Shaw for his graphics work. Thank you to Kit Casey and “Chicago’s Conservative” for their work in video editing and music composition. A big thanks goes to “Bean Counter” for doing the accounting for this event. Thank you to “DefendAmerica” for acting as the event photographer/videographer. Thank you to “Amaze830” and “MarkRNY” for leading the Pledge. Thank you to Jon Siner, Ellen Anderson, Manajordan for offering prayers at the event. Thanks to Ron Devito for offering a salute to the military at the event. Thank you to Janne Myrdal for introducing our speakers during Saturday events. Thank you to all who prayed for the success of this event and to all of those who so generously contributed financially. Thank you to all of our wonderful presenters for speaking to us this weekend. We thank the men and women in uniform who serve our country and fight for our freedoms. Thank you to Governor Palin for all that you do for the conservative movement and for our country. Thanks for having our back, and we have yours!

--The C4P Meet-up Committee
Beehive, Chicago's Conservative, Mia, Riley4Palin, and Whitney

A Special Announcement from Beehive:

Stay tuned for information about the third C4P meet-up coming to a city near you!

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