Sunday, August 8, 2010

Early August Blogging Round Up

So, here's an update on some of the stuff I've written in the last week or so. On the 912 Project front, we continue to write about Shorebank, a Chicago bank which seems to be receiving special treatment by both Congress and the White House, even though it is failing bank. Why be selective in the banks that are allowed to succeed or fail? Hmm?? We've had the opportunity to share our stories on Shorebank at BigGovernment. For a summary, here is a link to all of our BigGovernment stories. We all share in the research of these stories, but write these stories as individuals. Here are a two pieces that I wrote that were published at Big Government:

Dem Leaders Block Probe of Shorebank--Inquiring Minds Want to Know Why

Shorebank Legacy--Microfinance under the Microscope

Another 912 member wrote another piece for Big Government regarding Shorebank increasingly less likely bailout by the federal government. See here. These articles are also posted on the Central Illinois 912 Project website. I also posted a story about the Constitutionality of the Race to the Top education reform funding at our site.

On the Pro Palin blogging front, I had a few stories posted at Conservatives4Palin this week. Some of which have been cross posted here and here.

Here's a round up of most of the stories in August so far:

The Editorialization and Smearing of Governor Palin

Governor Palin's Accomplishments In this post, I share a document I put together highlighting her accomplishments as Governor of Alaska. Here's the document:

Governor Palin's Accomplishments

A Year of "Type, Type, Send"

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